Standard toroid sizes for my component box

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    Oct 3, 2015
    Hello all,

    I'm expecting some filter design in the near future. However i don't have details yet. They will be used for small signal filtering in Khz-Mhz range.
    For prototyping i will wind my own toroid inductors.
    I'm looking for some standard sizes of toroid cores to order, does anyone has some advice on standard/most common toroid sizes ?
    So i'm not looking for specific inductance or properties, just the most common 'To have' in my parts bin.
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    There is more to it than that. The cores are not inductors, they are just cores. Core materials have different permeability and saturation and losses.

    Ferrite and iron powders are two general classes but even in iron powder, there are cores with hydrogen annealed iron, cores of carbonyl-style iron (as produced) and there is non-spherical atomized powders with various insulation on each powder particle. Iron has much higher saturation levels than ferrite cores. Various ferrites available as well.

    Visit for high quality iron powder cores. TSC pyro ferric, TDK and Fair Rite or various others for ferrite.