SSD NAND channel speed measurement

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I have an SSD, it has ASIC, DRAM & 8 NAND's. all components are SMD, i'm trying to measure NAND channel signal (wanted to know operating freq., channel speed, data transfer time) how to go about it, please suggest any tools, set-up,resources required to achieve this.


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I'd open up the SSD, and see what memory chips they have on them. Then get the datasheet for the memory chip. That'll give you two things:

1) The maximum speed they're likely to operate at
2) The pinout

You're unlikely to know the actual speed that it'll run at, because that's down to the ASIC that the SSD is using (and they tend to be very guarded about that information).

But if you have the pinout, you can attach probes to the clock and control lines and measure them. But you'd probably need to get very skilled with microsoldering....