Spring awakening for LHC

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Pop goes the weasel.
A small mammal has sabotaged the world's most powerful scientific instrument.
It is unclear whether the animals are trying to stop humanity from unlocking the secrets of the universe.
Electrical perturbation • Cause: short circuit caused by fouine on 66kV transformer in point 8 • Transformer connections damaged


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I couldn't figure out what "fouine" is in that second article in post #2. I did a google search.......and came up with a french rap singer.

So, is fouine,...... animal, vegetable or mineral?


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Thanks to LHC we know 1000 (+) quantum particles.
The last discovered quantum particle was “God – particle”.
Why from 1000 (+) particles only the “God – particle” received Nobel Prize . . .
The energy of LHC can be higher and then can be possible to discover
some kind of a new particles . . . “Zeus-particle”, “Brahma –particle” . . . . .
. . . and they also would like to have Nobel Prize.
Today some famous physicists think that “string particle”
can be a primary particle of nature and “string theory” can offer a
new description of nature. But to observe “string-particle”
would require a LHC roughly the size of the solar system.
Obviously that such solar- LHC cannot be created today, but . . . .
. . . but in the future . . . . in future . . . vivat solar-LHC.


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Not scientific joke.
A young boy was asked what he wants.
The boy answered: I want the Moon as big as the Sun,
then I will not afraid of darkness.

Scientific no- joke.
A young scientist was asked what he wants.
The young scientist answered: I want a LHC roughly the size
of the solar system then the „ string particle“ will be observed and then
I will exactly know in which dimension I live , in 11-D or in 27-D
or in the middle between them .