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I was Looking at the SamSung Surround Sound Bar.
Model HWQ80R and yes I know it is an Older Modle.

But My Price Range is around $ 1,000 US.

But I know how things Change over Time.
Should I Look at another one?


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For a thousand bucks you can DIY your own speakers 5-times over,
and they're virtually guaranteed to sound better if you follow some simple on-line-plans.

If you're looking for a Plug-N-Play solution, this is probably not the best place to ask.

Go to a "Big-Box-Store" and listen for yourself, then make a decision.

The amount of Sound-Deadening in your Room will
make more difference in the Quality of the Sound than ANY other factor.
I'd suggest that you work on the Room-Acoustics first,
before shelling-out huge-cash for a pretty plastic box.