Soldering on stainless steel

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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I have small strips of stainless steel 202 grade (5cmx2cm) , thcinkess is 0.4mm of sheet.
I tried to do direct tinning of it on small area so that i can direct solder wire on it for use. Tempearture of iron is 425C.

Sometimes tinning happens and sometimes not? whats the right way to do it?


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Sometimes you're better off with lead-free solder. As solder it's not as good as tin-lead normally, but that means it has to have a more active flux, and that often helps with soldering difficult things like stainless steel.
What you really need is a TIG welder.


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There is flux specifically made for stainless steel.
There are more than that one. The best I ever found was Eutectic 157. Did a lot of soft soldering of different stainless steels back in the day, and the company tried many different fluxes and this was the best we found.

I have small strips of stainless steel 202 grade
I hope you aren't thinking that 202 won't rust? Many people think when they see the words, "stainless steel" that all of them are rust free, not so.