Solar Panel for charging super capacitor

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Macky Buenaflor

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Is it possible to charge a 48V 165 super capacitor using a 100W, 22V outout at Pmax, 6.06A at Pmax, solar panel? Definitely this is a no on a normal connection but is there any circuit or electronic component that we can add or connect so that this becomes possible? Also, the super capacitor (currently at 40+V) discharges from 40+ V down if connected directly to the solar panel w/o charge controller. Many thanks!!! :)


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I found some boost- c.c. output convertors that had output V up to 60 on eBay. 12 to 32 V in, 12 to 60 V out.
Not sure what C.C. convertor output does when feeding into a load of 0 to SP V? Possibly no problem, but if so could use a diode OR between SP, convertor & Cap. ??