Charging a Power Station from a Solar Panel with 2 Inputs

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I recently bought a Gizzu 300w power station. It has a dc input of 18v 3A to charge (Solar & DC Same Port), takes about 6.5h, but I can reduce that to 3.5h if I add a PD quick charge to it.

  • Charging Times:
    • AC Adapter: 18V/3A (6.5hrs)
    • DC Solar Panel: 60W (6.5hrs)
    • PD Port: 45W (7.5hrs)
    • PD Input/Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A
    • AC Adapter + PD Port: 18V/3A + 45W (3.5hrs)

My Laptop also charges via PD @ 45w and uses the 20v, so I assume this power station also uses 20v/2.25a?
(I dont have a USBC power measuring tool, so not sure what the power station charges with via PD)

The power station supports charging via a 60w solar panel (same input as the AC charger, comes with a charging brick). I dont just wand to get one 60w, but take it a step further, I want to get a big enough solar panel to support both the 18v 3a input as well as the PD charge input together.

Theoretically I need to get the following:?

160w 21v 10a solar panel (pd power needs a 20v output and this gives 21v) to power the following 2 x "chargers";

1. Step down buck converter to convert the 24v to: 18v 3a to charge my power station.

2. I got this board, not sure if I made a mistake; SparkFun Power Delivery Board - USB-C (Qwiic) (Only USBC Quick charging board available in this country, ordering from AliExpress takes months to get here);

I see it needs a 20v input, so I want to use another step down converter to convert the 24v to 20v to power the Sparkfun board to charge my power station or laptop with, or can I just attach a USBc cable to the step down converter and use it directly to charge?

Another option for PD Charge is a bit more bulky, but I can get a 200/300w car charger inverter to AC and power a AC charging brick?

What other options is there to Charge a USBC PD Device, I want to be able to charge my Laptop / Power Bank / Power station with solar.

I also need to know if it will be necessary to get a solar charge controller before all these electronics, or can I power the Buck converters directly from the raw solar panel feed?
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