Automatic solar panel charging and use

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I am trying to create an automatic solar powered water pump. The system will be battery powered so that the battery will be charged by a solar panel during the day and when the sun goes down, the battery will power a water pump. I thought about taking the circuit from a solar light which already does what I want but I will need 2-6A of current and 12V which will probably be two high for an existing circuit. Can I use Darlington transistors to allow the existing circuit to control the higher current circuit or is there a standard controller circuit available?


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It does get a bit more complicated than that.
You need to also incorporate charge and discharge control so you do not damage the battery by over charging or discharging below a safe level.
There are many solar panel charge controllers on Ebay that will do just what you need.


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Yes there are solar battery charge controllers but first need to know power required by pump & how many hours a day.