Snubber Heating and transformer noise problem

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Hi PI,

We designed a power supply for 3phase ,but the issue here is we are facing huge noise in the transformer and snubber part is getting heat even with the input voltage 200V AC.

One issue i found is when i measure my transformer leakage inductance(using LCR meter by shorting all secondary at a common point)i got 56uH but as per the PI recommendation leakage inductance should be 30uH.

Please find the attachment for schematic ,drain to source voltage and transformer design details.



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RE:""We designed a power supply""
What means those words? Did You created a 50 Hz just transformer be used in network, or You created the halfbridge smps, or it was full H bridge etc etc.
But generally, all trafos have vibs on core. May be softened by two methods - first is gluing with BF-2 or epoxy, another is to smear with black ferrous oxide powder into solidol grease. Brown cant be used, its diamagnetic. That was if You claim about noise (as in that joke about blond woman asking garage mechanic what to do the noise in engine be not so irritating. The answer is - turn on the radio bit louder)
If the ask was about enormous warming of RC assembly, then reason may be overcurrent (too less winding, too high frequency, too unqualified C for reactive power, mistake in parallel caps count etc ewtc etc.