SMD LED identification

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Hi all,

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

I’ve two solar lights which are now not functioning. After testing the terminals before the LED of which I get a voltage of 1.2v, I believe that the LED’s have both died!!!

Can you please advise what SMD LED I would need to repair these lights. The brightness output is 10 lumens.

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I've torn apart a lot of solar lights and I've never seen one fail because of the LED. Do you have a 9V battery and a 1K resistor? You could apply power directly to the LED leads and see if it lights.
Digging in and examining the circuitry might reveal some problem. Your observation of battery voltage at the LED is normal for a working light, but it could also indicate that the boost circuit isn't working.
Any SMD LED of the same physical size will probably work.