Smart Thermostat Graduation Project Final Check

Discussion in 'Digital Circuit Design' started by enes çakır, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. enes çakır

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    Sep 21, 2016
    Hello everyone! I’m Enes and am hoping some of you folks may help me. I have this project for my graduation and I just wanted to be 100% sure before sending it to China for manufacturing - its my first time with PCBs O_O. It takes 3 weeks to arrive my country therefore I don’t have time to test it, I only got one shot. My prototype works perfectly on breadboard. This is the dropbox link to my BRD files and some screenshot for you guys to check it real quick:

    I have few questions below, and I really do appreciate if you download them and control it.
    1. Transmission traces between FT232 and Atmega328 are not short traces. Are these traces going to cause any trouble?
    2. Did I place the decoupling capacitors correctly in my layout?
    3. Is 16mil drill size too small for manufacturing?
    4. Do I need to add a diode between LM3940 and ESP8266-1 ?

    Thanks a lot and have a great forum.
  2. Caner Adıyaman

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    Sep 20, 2016
    1- Traces look okay. A few inches is fine for serial, when it gets to feet, then you do need give it some thought.
    2- I dont have too much information about placing decoupling capacitors however as i know they need to be close as possible to chips. Your capacitors are close.However there might be other rules you shold care.
    3-Nope, that's like 0.4mm, most board houses can go lower than that.