Small power device with EMC testing

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    Hi all,
    I'm just wondering isn't it not fair that we apply the same EMC immunity standards to all products regardless of their power levels? I've read several EMC standards and there is no specification as to which range of power they would apply to. It is clear that a small power device made up of small power ICs would be more immune to noise than a higher power one. Im new to EMC though, am I missing something?
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    I would say that emc immunity requirements are the same for all, because the environment we are in is the same for all. Same overvoltage and surges in the power outlet, same esd charge on the person touching the device, same rf junk in the air and conducted over the power line.

    Your point might have some validity for emc emissions, but i dont think there should be different regulations for millions of tiny devices than for a few big ones.