SMA spring loaded 50 Ohm probe?

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I need to measure my GPS Dipole Wire Antenna LNA design which is not working and find out where is the problem. I don't get any signal at the ouput. Where can I buy the SMA spring loaded 50 Ohm probe similar to Sensepeek probes to be able to do the measurement by NanoVNA? I just need a raw measurement to find out whitch component is wrong.

Funny think is that I will get GPS fix with just a bare GPS Dipole wire antenna soldered to SMA connector and connected to u-Blox ZOE-M8Q GPS Receiver

GPS Dipole Wire Antenna (1.575 GHz) is fine tuned by NanoVNA to 1.25*lambda (2x 13.5 cm). L4 is the antenna matching impedance to 50 Ohm (autotuned by SimSmith).