1. perik123

    Connect probe properly for meassure 230vac with oscilloscope

    I just got this combined multimeter - oscilloscope Hantek 2D72 In the specs it says: I want to meassure a dmx controlled dimmer. The output of the dimmer is 230 vac so I will use the settings for 10x. Since I havnt used oscilloscope before I wounder how can I connect the probe to the outlet...
  2. C

    I bought an HP 54110D Oscilloscope and I need help before I smoke it.

    Hello, everyone I am new to this field, and I am trying to learn the ropes. I recently bought an O'scope an HP 54110D 2 channel, and I need to buy probes for it and I am trying to figure out how I should go about it: Questions: 1. The input Pods have specs that are confusing to me. One of...
  3. A

    ADC: Incorrect readings are "corrected" by external probing.

    Hello. I am experiencing a very strange behaviour in an ADC built into one of ST's SOCs. I have verified it several times, all the registers are configured correctly. When I connect the input line to a known-voltage node, the outputs are within acceptable tolerances. However, when I connect the...