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What kind of connection do you have to the internet?
I have a 30 Mbits VDSL connection and have no problems with the site.



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I have looked at the site using FF 44.0.2 and scrolling is fine.
Also in Qupzilla 1.8.9 there are no problems with the site.


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Hmm, I was using Firefox.
Latency is 35 ms., download speed is 17Mbps cable.
I'll try it on the other computer with 3 browsers. Maybe that will narrow it down.


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I have videos blocked by disabling javascript by default. Oh and I've never had that security nightmare called flash on any of my machines.

Glenn Holland

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Ahh, It is only slow when the short video is running. During that time CPU usage is near 100%.
Yeap - Those auto play vids are a problem and I've disabled them where ever possible. Facebook settings have an auto play disable for videos and that solved the problem of high CPU use.


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Some time ago, I run across a comparison between browsers tasked to open more than one site at a time. Is that your case? Some were better at opening quite quickly the first site requested while others made all to progress evenly.

And what nobody seems to take into account is the antivirus, which, according to my experience, could make for the main part of the delays in loading sites' files.

The task manager (at least in Win XP) shows clearly who is taking what resources. Prior my last reinstall in this machine I had the pleasure to navigate around one hour, without antivirus and it was certainly fast. The other part I disabled at that time was the verification the AV was doing of every single file being opened to write/read. More or less like my former who checked / verified in real time, everything I did or said...


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Today's web designers seem to think everyone has a fiber connection to the internet. Really frustrating for those of us out in the boondocks with PTP wireless. Even with everything disabled that can be, some sites are just not worth the trouble.