SIM7600EI-H Network connecting issue, Please Help

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bhargav shankhalpara

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Hii all

i am using SIM7600EI-H 4G cellular Module in one project. which is from SIMCOM.

firmware version we find by AT+CGMR is : LE20B04SIM7600M21-A

Problem we are facing is that the modem is not connecting to any network on startup. Both STATUS and NETLIGHT leds are glowing continuously.

on the serial monitor we are receiving on startup below the string.




when i try to see status of connection by using AT+CREG command i am getting following response:

+CREG: 0,6

value 6 is what, it is not even mentioned in the command datasheet of simcom. (attached snapshot)

i have provided 4V to module via buck converter LM2576-ADJ and my power adaptor rating is 12v and 2amp.

Please Help me what the issue is and how i can solve this issue.




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And by the way, it may not look it, but SIMCom has excellent support personnel assigned to each country. I contacted them through their website, and it took about 4 or 5 work days, but they finally responded by linking me to a guy in the Mexico area that had been thoroughly trained and gave me invaluable support in real time through my WhatsApp account.