Shorted power switch in a Three phase inverter

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Vlad Vsky

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Hi everyone,

I noticed recently that some researchers in Electrical engineering are trying to detect and localize a faulty power switch in a three phase inverter. However, in the case of a short circuit fault (of a power switch), the current in the DC link increases enormously in a very short time ! so, practically, there is no time neither to detect nor to localize, .. the protection will just shut down the whole thing.

What are your opinions about this ?
see the picture bellow.



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Disconnect it from the power and the motor first. Allow time for the capacitors to discharge (measure for residual voltage and wait until it is zero).
Measure each transistor with a multimeter looking for shorts.
Also, check the electrolytic capacitors. When they die, other parts suffer too.
That's a start.