shield effect on wireless door bell

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Good pm.
I bought a wireless door bell. I installed it outside my metal fence, it worked fine for 1 month then no more.
Inside the fence it still work. I thought the battery might be low but it is still 12V.
Does anyone have an idea?
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I've had a similar problem with a wireless bell-push failing to communicate with the bell after a year or so. My theory is that atmospheric moisture gradually penetrates the bell-push circuitry and causes detuning of the transmitter, to the point where the frequency is outside the receiver's usable bandwidth.
I could find no tuning adjustment within the bell-push, so resorted to buying a new bell + bell-push.


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Alec_t you are correct this happens with cheap stuff and even more PCB probably not sealed with a conformal coating.

Advice: Suck a bit more money out of your bank account and buy a quality one.
Now you buy each year a new one. I spend double but its working 15 years by now. ( life time battery: 2 years approx)