Could use checking of Teensy Audio Shield schematic made with EasyEDA

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I'm working on a pcb for the Teensy Audio Shield (4.x Rev. D) with the Teensy 4.0.
Just breaking out for some pots and audio output circuit. I connect CdS photoresistive cells to the Analog Input lines, whose resistance values can be added by way of spdt switches (with the pots). The CdS sensors will be connected via RCA mono female jacks.

The Teensy plus Audio Shield are powered by 5V regulated, there is a p-channel MOSFET used as polarity protection. The Pots use the +3V output supplied by the Teensy.
Just needing some fresh eyes to look this over, as I often miss things after looking at the circuit for so long. Any comments, advice, suggestions welcomed.

If anyone finds this circuit useful please feel free to use.
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