Arduino Nano based audio sequencer schematic needs checking over. Sincere Thanks!

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I am working on making a pcb for an Arduino Nano based audio sequencer synth, a modified version of what I found here:

Could use some help checking it over, any mistakes, etc. The help is greatly appreciated. *Some weird things you might see are a polarity protection p-channel MOSFET. The board peripherals (pots, etc.) are powered by regulated 5V, however the Nano itself is powered by 9 volts tapped before the 5V reg chip. Also, I used two CdS photoresistors connected to on/off toggle switches which adds their resistive values to analog A0 and A6. The photoresistors are both wired from the analog input pins to GND, which works very well for me.

Also, the mono audio jack is not connected, since I wasn't sure of it's pinout when I ordered it. So I left it as unconnected with jumper connector headers, so I can wire it properly when assembling the board.

Sincere thanks for any help anyone could offer.