Several Questions/Problems Related to TE0711

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1. I have a 5V-50ohm pulse signal coming into the FPGA (operating @3.3V), how do I reduce this signal to a lower voltage for the FPGA and not worry about reflections. (zener diode?). I also want to dummy proof this where if someone puts in an AC signal or high-voltage signal it doesn't fry/mess up the FPGA.

2. I also need to output a 5V-50ohm signal to a BNC/SMA connector from the same FPGA. How do I do this? Do I need to drive it or what does this entail?

3. I also need to output a signal (I can define it) to 10+ FPGAs (TE0711) on a backplane (~1 foot long). Will a single FPGA have enough power to output to several FPGA inputs? Do I need a driver circuit? If I do need a driver, is there a way where I can monitor the driver snd feed it back into the same FPGA? What would all of that entail?

4. I have a 24V signal coming from the backplane to my FPGA, how do I reduce this voltage? Can I use a step-level shifter, a zener, or is there another component that would be better?

I am writing the software for this board and I am more of a software person than a hardware, so I apologize if some of these questions are pretty easy/simple.


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