Setting constant gain of line level audio amp for max. gain without causing clipping

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A modern music recording is compressed, a live performance and pink noise are not compressed. 14dB is only 5 times the level.
Most multimeters measure 50Hz and 60Hz but not wideband audio levels.
Your peak rectifier circuit cannot charge the capacitor fast enough because the opamp's output current is too low.
My application would be at least mostly for processing (compressed) modern music recordings, not an uncompressed recording of a live performance.

The multimeter that I'm using is designed to get an accurate RMS voltage over the audio frequency range.

The peak rectifier circuit is there, but my calculation of what an actual maximum peak voltage might be equaled 5 times the RMS voltage measured at the output pin of the high-pass filter.

No doubt reproduction of uncompressed music that preserved the high level peaks of the live performance would be marvelous.