Setting ADDR pin on MAX20086-MAX20089

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I am using the MAX20086 chip in a design and need to set the ADDR pin. The datasheet says to either connect it to Vdd or GNS to select between 2 addresses and then proceeds to show a table of address. I am not able to understand how these aaddress are getting set and which of these bits is getting set by this ADDR pin. Maybe I'm missing something while reading this datasheet.
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It selects the value of A0, that must be present in address field of an I2C command to the device.
The values of A6-A3 are identical for all devices of this particular type. The values of A2 and A1 may be selected and set by the factory prior to purchase.
This means that if you want more than two of these devices in the same system you need to carefully specify what you want to the factory before confirming the purchase order. If you will never have more than two devices in a system then you don't care which of the possible devices you start with and design your board for, BUT you must ensure that when you reorder you get the same ones otherwise you may need to revise your firmware so the address of an individual chip is a don't care. Come to think of it, this might be the best approach.
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Just order the correct type: suffix
ATPA for 0x28/0x29
ATPB for 0x2A/0x2B
ATPC for 0x2C/0x2D
An ordering code for addresses 0x2E/0x2F is not given in the datasheet - following the general pattern it might become ATPD.