Sensored Brushless DC Motor Throttle Automation Problem

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Hello I'm fairly new to messing around with hardware so please forgive my ignorance. So what I'm trying to do is control the throttle on my motor controller i have with an arduino. The controller traditionally uses a hall sensor I would give the part number but when i disassembled it I broke it :/ and couldn't read the writing, so i bought a second just for testing it works as intended. So i thought that maybe i could replace it with a digital potentiometer it came it and when i hooked it up the throttle became random, intermittent, and unpredictable so to give an example i was using an rc controller attached to my arduino to control the digital potentiometer and when i would throttle up nothing would happen or it would go full speed for a couple seconds and then nothing and then i could wait a while with it on and it would do it more. to try to be as helpful to everyone trying to help i have measured the change with the throttle and when measuring the ground and signal wire the voltage changes from 4.3v - 2.1v measured from my multimeter it goes from high to low voltage high being slow low being fast. for what ever reason I was unable to measure a resistance change across the wires no matter how i attempted to measure it I then attempted to supply the same voltages to the controller using the pwm ports and was able to get around the same voltage range however I was unable to get it to even budge.

if someone could give me some insight on how i can control the throttle automatically using the controller that would be nice if I have to use a custom circuit if some one could point me in the right direction please not I'm not familiar with electrical diagrams if you think my wiring might have been wrong or i was trying to do it from the wrong place please let me know thank you.

Parts Im using:
x9c104 - digital potentiometer
arduino mega 256
Throttle -
motor and controller -