Selecting a suitable motor type for a dynamic braking application?

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Udara mendis

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I'm designing a dynamic braking unit for an indoor cycling system to replicate the resistance experienced by a cyclist while cycling. I have read through different motor types which can be used for my application but could not decide on which one to go with.

What parameters should I consider in selecting a motor and any suggestion on a suitable type is highly appreciated.


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The simplest system will be with a brushed DC motor. It should be coupled to the drive through gears and be powerful enough to propel the bicycle at normal speed if you want it to be realistic. 200 to 300 Watts should work. To brake, you need to be able to control the current generated by the motor.


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Why not just use a large DC motor with varying braking resistors, no DC supply required.
If this is a for an exercise bike, the motor would be back-driven, i.e. generator mode.