SD card with 5V PIC18

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    Jun 5, 2013
    I'm pretty new to PIC programming and I'm trying to interface an SD card with a PIC18F4685. I began by doing a simulation with proteus because I don't have the actual hardware yet. This PIC chip is a 5V and the SD card is 3.3V so I have this extra circuit:


    The problem is this doesn't work in proteus unless the SD is directly connected to the PIC. I just want to confirm that this is needed in real life and the circuit is accurate.


    Something unrelated I should add: You CAN NOT make a FAT16 SD card image for Proteus using WinImage software. It creates a FAT12 instead. I saw many tutorials where they said to use winimage, but it doesn't work and i thought there was something wrong with the code, but I just had to download a real FAT16 image.