Samsung Power Connector on 22"

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I've had a few of these Samsung 22 inch Monitors laying around. Model # S22F360FHN that I wanted to use. Problem is, is that I don't have the Power cable with the right connector to plug into it. wanting to see if it's possible to soldier a more common 12v connector in its place.


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I Soldered on this 12v 3 pin connector in its place and used a power supply supplying the correct voltage and amperage that this monitor requires but it did not work. The Samsung component has 4 pins and the 12v connector I soldered on has only 3 pins. Is there a way I can make this 12v 3 pin connector work on this board? Do all 4 pins need to be used here? Is there something I am missing here and or can this even be done? Any insight would be helpful.

IMG_20200105_144235.jpgIMG_20200105_144253.jpgIMG_20200105_144310.jpgIMG_20200105_144531.jpgIMG_20200105_144610.jpgIMG_20200105_144403 (2).jpg


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Even though the connectors are 3 or 4 pins, there are only + and - to be connected. Did you solder the new connector into the 3 slotted holes in the PCB? If so, then that could be the problem. The connectors have different pinouts. On the PCB and the old connector, the middle blade and one of the parallel sides are both to ground, while the other parallel side is to power. Your new connector has the parallel sides connected together (to ground?), and the middle blade terminal by itself. So this is not a drop-in replacement here. You could probably cut off one of the parallel sides, and solder the 2 remaining blades into the proper holes. You'd want to double check the polarities first, to make sure you cut off the correct one.

Edit: It might just be a reflection I'm seeing in the picture, that looks like metal. Regardless, I would check the pinout of the new connector.


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The original jack is meant to communicate with its intended power supply to enable/disable it on one pin, or signal a 'power-good' or whatever the design is.
The 'new' connector is a generic animal not intended for such use.

What you should do is a schematic from following traces and post such to discern what is your possible action, or find the schematic. The best is to use the intended original supply that may look like :