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Product: Pavilion 15-au146ng
Hello guys,

one pin of my rj45 port of my HP Pavilion 15-au146ng is broken off.
Now i search for the port in the web to replace it by soldering. But i cannot find the correct type. Maybe someone of you knows where to search or even got a link for me to the product.
My first idea was to migrate one of an old HP 650, but clearly both ports differ in their shape.20210411_101028.jpg

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That connector looks very custom and without a direct replacement part number I would be inclined to try to repair it.

The connected part of the broken contact is intact. I would scavenge a contact from a different jack and solder it to the remaining part, probably with silver bearing solder (62/2/36). You would need to depress the existing pin into the connector housing for clearance (possibly with careful application of heat and pressure). You would need a very good soldering station with an exceedingly small tip installed. Liberal no-clean flux would help (clean it up in spite of the name).
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It looks like the contact half of a RJ45 connector.
The other half is created by the laptop housing.
It can well be the part is an OEM product.



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Okay, thank you both!
It is difficult, but i will try, when i've got time.
It will be very touchy and you'll have to be careful of melting the housing. I have done it in the past, though, with a different connector but very similar. You can't make it worse than not working!

Take your time and plan carefully. Make sure you have plenty of light, and use a magnifier if you have one.


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Scavenging a whole connector on a dead MB is also another option.
I checked eBay for a replacement IO board. There were other HP models but not this one. The IO board is a separate part and theoretically can be replaced as a unit.

The unusual mounting and the use of the case as the latch for the connector make substitution very difficult. My second try would be to modify the case and use a more conventional connector.


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Most RJ45 socket seem to have the latch side on the PCB side so the pin out sequence of these would be wrong. I did find some with the latch side away from the PCB. This is one example.
Some more suggestions. There are probably only 4 of the 8 pins used so you could possibly bridge the broken pin to an unused pin and make up a non standard cable to use this pin.
You could buy a USB to ethernet adapter.