ripple factor for the L FILTER ( R -L) and Π filter

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i have full wave rectifier circuit with an 1) RL filter ( L sector) 2) Π filter
there a site or book that can i find formulas for ripple factor for this cases

Thank you
Hello, The ripple factor for an L-filter (R-L) and Π-filter is dependent on the type of load connected to the filter and the configuration of the filter.
In general, the ripple factor is a measure of the AC component present in the output of a filter. It quantifies the amount of voltage or current ripple present after filtering. For an L-filter (R-L), the ripple factor depends on factors such as the inductance value (L), the resistance value (R), and the load impedance connected to the filter. The formula to calculate the ripple factor for this type of filter varies depending on the specific circuit configuration and load characteristics.