Homework help needed-Ripple Factor, Cap voltage and PIV

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Consider a capacitor filtered full wave bridge rectifier circuit. The ac input to the
transformer is 230 V rms at 50 Hz. Given that the maximum reverse voltage across a
non-conducting diode is -19.3 V, and the peak to peak ripple voltage (Vr(p-p)) is 10% of the
peak output voltage (V(op)) across the filter capacitor, and the load across the filter
capacitor is 1000, assume constant drop diode model and determine the following:
i) Percentage ripple factor (r %).
ii)Magnitude and voltage rating of the filter capacitor
iii)Diode PIV and the transformer turns ratio.


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Read the rules of the homework forum.

Before we can help you, you must show us what you have done so far on the problem. We're not going to walk you through it step-by-step. You need to show some initial effort, and we will show you where you made your mistakes.