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I have a Rigol DP831A triple channel power supply, and the problem is that whenever I power it on, I have to reset the voltage levels manually. Unlike other power supplies, it doesn't retain my previous settings. I've gone through the manual, but I couldn't find any information on how to address this issue. Can you offer any guidance?
I appreciate your help, especially on a Friday evening.

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Perhaps this particular model doesn’t have a memory function.
Or maybe it does, but it is an “upgrade” that you are required to unlock.
For a fee.

I am not familiar with this particular model, so I am guessing.


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If you store your setup in non-volatile memory, you can recall it after cycling the power. The following is quoted directly from the manual:

DP800 allows users to store various kinds of files in internal or external memory and recall the files stored when required.
DP800 provides an internal non-volatile memory (C disk) and an external memory (D disk, only available when a USB storage device is detected at the USB HOST interface at the rear panel).

1. C Disk Provide 10 state file storage locations (STATE 1 to STATE 10), 10 record file storage locations (REC 1 to R EC 10), 10 timer file storage locations (TIMER 1 to TIMER 10) and 10 delay file storage locations (DELAY 1 and DELAY 10). Users
can store the state file, record file, timer file and delay file in C disk.

I must admit, this is far too much power supply for my hobby needs! I think I will stick with my home grown dual 0-20VDC supply.


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Having the set voltages returned to zero after each shut down is a feature that can save hundreds of dollars, if somebody else uses the supply and leaves it set to a higher voltage.


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Having the set voltages returned to zero after each shut down is a feature that can save hundreds of dollars, if somebody else uses the supply and leaves it set to a higher voltage.
But if you are testing a bench circuit over some extended time period, its also nice to not have to reset the voltages each time it is powered up.


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The voltage on mine stays the same after shutdown and restart. Usually 5, 6, 9 or occaisionaly12V but I also keep the current limit ~ 20-30mA and bump it up as needed. Never had a problem. Keeping the current limit down is also a quick indicator of a circuit wiring error when the PSU voltage drops to ~1-2V. Much nicer than components emitting smoke and insulation on jumper cooking off. Resetting to zero every time would not be that big of an issue as I usually have to set the voltage for each circuit anyways. I do think that I would have bought 3 Korad 30V-5A linear PSUs like mine with voltage and current limiting, a 30MHz function generator with all the bells and whistles and a 5-6 digit bench meter that can also do pF capacitors for what he paid for that PSU though... To each their own... With 3 PSUs though (and a slew of homemade ones to boot) I can use 2 of them for the plus and minus op-amp rails and the 3rd for the system voltage rail. Never enough PSUs...
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I have the DP832, I'm not sure the difference with the 831 but the 832 does remember the settings for each channel when you turn it on and off. Maybe check if it has an internal battery, like a cr2032, and if yes then change the battery. Or ask Rigol for support. Assuming it's similar to the 832, it has a ton of features and is very programmable. For example, I have a test wave form programmed in for one of the products I make that alters the voltage over time to test that the product works properly with changing voltage. It's saved in a file on the device so when it's time to test I just load that file and off it goes. Also the voltage and current trip limits are spectacular and have saved me tons of parts. i.e. you can program it such that if a limit is passed, it immediately kills power to that channel. Anyway, so many features that I would be very surprised if the behavior you are seeing is intentional, there must be something amiss.