RF remote controlled light, ~500 feet

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while there are plenty of threads about turning on a light from a distance, I can't seem to find any that either present a solution I grasp or work in my situation, so I come to you somewhat ignorant. I deal in connecting components (12v stereo and alarm stuff mostly), rather than designing PCBs. I guess it's the same basic idea, just smaller parts that do (occasionally) fewer things.

the basic plot:

I want to hold 2 battery powered on-off switches in my hand, and activate a pair of battery powered LEDs about 500 to 1000 mostly-line-of-sight feet away. I need both ends to be reasonably robust.
The transmit end can have (and would likely need) a external transmitter and antenna (I'm standing in a shed, overlooking a yard...I can put the tx/antenna on the roof).
The receive end is basically a puck (lights, rx, antenna, and battery in one)

Once I get that basic functionality down, I'll work on refining the antenna to limit my spread and range to prevent cross talk from other sheds overlooking other yards.

it seems simple enough, and it might be, but I'm getting lost in the 'transmission of data/voice' that typically comes with radio discussion. I'm just wanting a one-way on/off solution.

any direction anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance!


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There are standard single and multi channel wireless remote control units on the market that can do what you want from that distance and do it reliably for way less than you will ever build your own system for.

Just something to think about.