Remote controlled motorized light switches

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Has anyone ever made Doc Brown type things I imagined as a kid like a RC motorized light switch, or curtain opener ? I have small motors of different types, I wonder how I could make a mechanisms to screw over the lightswitch cover, that would turn on/off the switch. I don't have many tools, so it would be more a rubber bands and popsickle stick type mechanism. Then I'd get to figure out how to make the analog electronics for it. I should do that last part anyways. Maybe someday I'll go all the way.


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You need a motor control circuit to start with. What kind of motors do you have laying around? Do some internet searches for circuits controlling those motor types. I'm no motor expert by any means, but I hope you have servo, because a brushless DC motor would be hard to control when needing to run a short stroke actuator to flip a light switch.

I like that you're thinking outside of the box to keep your imagination going.


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Take a look at post " Making a small circuit with a moving arm ? " by axisus, Chat, Wednesday 11:39, ( Dec. 25 2919 ).
Assuming that you have a remote link available & local power available.
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Small dc motors out of VCR's work our venetian blinds via the existing control rod, (Open & close the slats).Controlled by an LDR & Picaxe micro (08M2).