RF Power Amplifier Adjustment

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Dear All,

Hope you are fine and doing well. Here i would like to ask for favor that i have designed Power Amplifier, at output i obtained 16W and Vp-p (+30,-30) as per my requirement. But my query is that i have applied Vdd = 48V which is high voltage. Is it possible that by applying Vdd = 12V how can i get the same power and voltage level by adjusting the values of components. i did another experiment if we replace the coupling Resistor (R8 = 38 ohm) with a capacitor (10mF) then i can obtain 12W and 25V, in this situation Vdd = 24V. For reference screen shot is attached ( I can sent the .asc file if needed)

So, my main interest is by adjusting Vdd = 12V wanna obtain output power 16W and Vp-p (+30,-30).

Looking forward for your kind response.