RF Engineering - satellite ground station systems components and vendors

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I have an interview with a telecom company on monday and the topics are as follows: 1 satellite ground station transport systems 2 long-haul and short-haul point to point microwave transport systems 3 satellite modems 4 frequency conversion equipment 5 high power amplifiers 6 low noise amplifiers 7 intermediate frequency distribution systems 8 antenna 9 radio frequency transmission lines 10 satellite communications theory 11 radio propagation models for satellite and microwave communications I can very likely find items 3-11 on youtube. Item 1 has been tricky, this will likely be a block flow diagram made up of numerous components. Equally important do you know who makes these various components that makeup RF systems.

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Good luck with the job interview – but if I turned up to a job interview answering any technical questions, based on youtube videos, my chances of being offered a job would be very close to zero.


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Do you have a background or experience in telecom or satellite communications? If not why are you applying for that position, unless it's advertised as a entry-level, get-your-foot-in-the-door type of position?