RF Antenna matching circuit defining component values

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I have made a custom board using the Texas Instruments CC1350 Launchpad (Development board) reference design.

Because my PCB layout is different from the TI's Development board. I need to tune the antenna.

How do I calculate the values of the three components of a Pi-Network (matching network) without a VSR Meter or a Spectrum Analyzer. I can read the RSSI though by using another such a Development board as Receiver and the custom board as Transmitter.

Is there a software available, like Genesys from Keysight, that could aid in defining the values for those components in a Pi-network.

In the attachment you will find the schematic of my custom board. The RF section is a copy of the Development board. Why are there so many components after the Balun? There must be a filter, a Pi-network and a DC blocking capacitor, right?



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You have more than a simple pi section there; and there is more complicated stuff than just matching going on. You would need some insight into what the designers actually had in mind to design and layout an alternative.