Rewire commercial dishwasher for continuous run

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I acquired a commercial dishwasher that I want to use as a parts washer in my garage (not to worry, I will be properly handling the waste water). I cracked open the control panel and was glad to see there are no circuit boards contained, just switches, start/stop relay, mechanical cam timer, etc. (FYI, the schematic seems to be inverted, cam switch #1 is the start/stop switch). The Fill/start switch is momentary.

So what I want to do is have a toggle switch or latching push button that I can just turn on and the machine would run continuously. After studying the schematic, I am thinking if I disconnect the pink (at least pink according to teh schematic, it's actually yellow/black as seen on cam switch #1) and yellow wire from cam switch 1 and hook them up to my switch, then disconnect the yellow/black wire from the cam motor (so it doesn't keep tripping the start/stop relay) I would be in business. Will this work without melting down? I don't want to disconnect/rewire too many things so the simpler the better. I will take pictures and record my changes to the diagram as I make them.

I don't really care about maintaining the rinse cycle, drain cycle, or anything like that. I'm looking to bypass the cycle feature all together and just have continuous run.

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