Reviving batteries - home DYI style possible?

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I have came across this article:

and wanted to drain liion battery fast, but wondering if any of You tried to revive Liion like this article depicts?

I have one battery in mp3 player fot testing that shows 3 bars then when used fast fwd>> it goes to empty , then suddenly to 2 nbars, then 1 bar and dies after 1 h of tinkering.
Before it lasted 32 hours.
Any ideas how to move lit to anode as described in article?

Goal is to have Home revived batteried for the car.. smaller are just for testing.


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Welcome to AAC.

Browsing the paper which gave rise to the article it seems that they used coin cells and a (very expensive) Landt battery tester for the electrochemical testing (much of the work was numerical simulation).

While they don’t discuss current that I can find, they do provide this figure:

A this point I think you would probably be best off contacting the authors of the paper to see if they have andy practical advice on how you might apply their research. It’s not at all clear this method could easily be applied.

There is also a danger here. The same dendritic growth that leads the the dead Li phenomenon also causes short circuits which present a serious risk of thermal runaway during the charging process. So, if the cell voltage is below 1V or so, attempting to charge it could mean a battery fire.

This seems to be targeting reduced but not malfunctioning cells.


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"Y" has a good point. If you can charge the battery outside using an extension cord to the charger that is what I recommend. It will not prevent the battery fire but it will avoid a fire inside the house . Certainly worth the effort.


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Gadgets to rejuvenate batteries are seldom good ideas.

The internal structures of the battery change over time, materials break down, or migrate where they should not be. You might get 10% more out using a gadget, but hardly worth the effort fiddling around.

New batteries- that's real.