Reverse engineering a PCB - How to record results

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I am trying to reverse engineer an ultrasonic car reversing warning system. The microcontroller on the board is pin compatible with a PIC16F1847 and so substituting a PIC would allow me to customise the functions available.

The board has a quad op-amp and well as a dual four channel analogue mux/demux and the processor. The board is double sided with surface mount components so tracing the tracks is not trivial. Also I don't entirely know what circuitry to expect. I have looked at the waveforms on the processor and it is most unclear just what the processor is doing so tracing out the circuit is necessary for understanding it.

I don't think it would be sensible to actually draw a schematic as I go along as it could get exceedingly messy. Does anyone have a good method of recording partial results which can eventually be combined into a full schematic.