Require Infra Red Light (project)

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Hello, I am semi retired and am familiar with Arduino and Raspberry Pi along with PCs.

Thats irrelevant but I have an allotment with a security camera.
The camera has quite a range and picks people up but the infara red leds are not powerful enough for the long distance.
I need a project which can be powered by a car battery which can have an array of infara red leds shining out from a shed further down the allotment to extend the cameras recording light.
It could do to be on an invisible pir so it only powers up if someone is around.
Does anyone have the know how to advise a project for me?

Thank you in advance


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Thank you for the feedback.
Problem is that this part is in china and would take a month to arrive.
Is there anything I could make with parts from maplins?


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What we do not know is How Far??? I have seen fairly small LED spotlights that are used in a car, so they are available. But do you need 50 feet? or 100meters?
The range of PIR sensors is usually not much beyond 50 feet, and so for distances beyond that a beam-breaking sensor to control camera and LED light source may be a better choice. So the actual distance does matter quite a bit.


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If you search ebay for infrared LED, there's are 10 watt LED modules that should fit into floodlights, or 1W to 5W LED stars that could fit into MR16 lamps. Vehicle LED light bars etc are obvious candidates, but those may have surface-mounted LEDs which would be harder to replace, unless stars could be screwed to an aluminum plate or something. I'd hoped to find infrared LEDs in the 4-legged superflux package, but didn't.