Require a programmer in C++ and MFC.

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I am looking at purchasing a custom PC based engineering system that requires integration by the purchaser and some basic C is needed to configure the parameters for basic integration of ones unique system, which I am probably OK with.
Using XP prof, BTW.
The PC based HMI communicates with the system through a USB port.
But the Operator display I want to use is a small HMI touch panel 600x800, the custom HMI screens supplied over scan somewhat on these low res panels, I also want to customize the display a little.
I contacted the supplier and they have given basic instructions in order to try customizing using VS2008 and MFC and have indicated the files supplied to modify and see if it works.
I think they are reluctant to invest any time as there is probably not the market using 12" LCD displays.
I have access to VS2008 but at this point I do not really want to invest the time I am probably looking at to come up to speed with MFC, if at all.
I know of no one locally unfortunately to take on the mod, I wonder if anyone has an idea of a source to achieve this without losing 'the farm'.
I can relate the instruction email here if needed.
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I just MIGHT know someone. Let me reach out to them and see if they are interested (or maybe know someone that might be).