Requesting to review my first PCB design for an OSH game console based on RP2040

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I am an electronics hobbyist, recently restarted my hobby after nearly a decade and now exploring SMT PCB design and fab.
I have designed a PCB for RP2040 based game console that fully open source (both hardware and software). As this is the first time, am designing a PCB using KiCad, I need some expert opinion and review of my work.


PCB Front:

PCB Back:

Review Materials:
PCB Front:
PCB: Back:
The whole KiCad project is also available in GitHub if you are ready to dive deeper.

Review Request:
I've breadboarded the same components and soldered the modules together been using it for a year. So the overall project is tested, but this is the first time am designing PCBs for components like RP2040 MCU.
  1. Schematics review to see if I've missed anything
  2. Tracks and Vias best practises (I've done my best by going through lot of beginners checklists and improved but need an expert review)
  3. Components choice
  4. Anything else to add before going to Fab online