Replacement pot match for old Sony amp receiver

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I'm trying to fix my old man's Amp. The volume pot is dead and I can't find the same exact model. I have found very similar ones but I would like to be sure I'm not goind to fry anything befor ordering it.

The original one has these numbers on it : NOBLE 201 - 1112 QS250KΩ X 2 AD


The replacement I'm looking for is this one.

My question is, this is a concentric pot, the volume knob has two « layers », allowing to controle the volume of each channel independently, it's a
«manual » balance, the replacement pot shown on the link seems to fit the specs. Is it so?

I've seen that the « A » in the A250k of the replacement means it'a log pot. I figured the AD at the end of the number on the original also means that (maybe D for Double?)


Is it going to support the « power requirements » needed?

Will it be double-layered? It seems to be, by being concentric, but the picture isn't really clear. If you look at the original, the two layers are very clearly apparent. Not so on the replacement.



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If your picture is the original pot from the unit then it is not a standard dual gang pot. As it has two sets of splines the two sections are controlled independently by an inner and outer knob. With normal two gang pots one knob controls both sections so the level of both channels remain the same. The one in the link is the normal type. You also have the problem of matching the two sets of splines with the original knobs. You can try searching for "Dual pot with concentric spindles" on ebay and elsewhere.