Replacement of potentiometer using resistor network

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Vidya Patil

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Hi All,

In one of our application potentiometer(AOA sensor) input is given to the unit under test. However when we test unit in stand alone condition i need to simulate that. For that we are planning to use resistor network. It should behave as 3 wire potentiometer. Can any one help us for the resistor connection. the potentiometer range is 0-5k. We have planned for 500 ohms but not able to simulate all the values. WhatsApp Image 2024-02-29 at 2.15.48 PM.jpeg


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Hi VP,
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What level of resistance resolution/step is acceptable.
With an 11 position switch and 500R's you are getting ~ 34 degree steps.


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Maybe I’ve not understood correctly, but if you are looking to build a potentiometer with 10 fixed values in increments of 500 ohms with a total of 5K ohms then a ten position rotary switch with a 500R resistor soldered between each pin should work. Using a 12 position switch would allow for a short circuit at one end and an open circuit at the other. This is how decade resistance boxes are made, cascading switches with resistors 10 times higher than the previous stage