Potentiometer replacement: Carbon or Cermet

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John Czerwinski

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I'm working on a few CRT-based monitors for old arcade games, which need several pots replaced. I have two options: Carbon and Cermet and wondered which would be best.

  1. The pots are used for color cutoffs, color drives, vertical hold, horizontal hold, horizontal width, contrast, and B+ voltage.
  2. Once the pots are adjusted, there's little need to turn the pots over time. The current pots lasted about 30 years and would like my replacements to be just as robust
  3. Monitors typically run hot and are in a hot ambient environment (enclosed arcade cabinets).
  4. Depending on where the monitors and games end up, they could be on all day several days a week.

I'm looking at the Amphenol Piher brand. Either the PT15 (carbon) or PT15C (cermet).

Love to hear everyone's extensive experience and suggestions.

John C