Creative A550 Volume Wheel Knob Potentiometer replacement

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Marios Chatzipavlis

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Hello to the whole All about Circuits Community,

this is my first post so please be nice with me :)

Looking on ebay i bought those faulty 5.1 Soundsystem from Creative. The previous owner was also digging into the potentiometer area thats why it looks like a mess there. I am a newbie in electronics so here i am asking for your knowledge.

The sub is working properly the whole time. After turning the potentiometer there is no sound coming out. After some tries it may work but in this case not properly. I have the feeling the sound level is always the same, only the sub goes up and down while turning the wheel.

As far as i know a potentiometer is a variable resistor. On this potentiometer the pins 1 and 5 are just a switch to turn the speakers on. So 3 more pins left. If i am measuring this right (pins 2 and 4) this potentiometer has a 20K Ohm resistor in total. Reading on the net i found out that through durt, dust etc they are going faulty. So a replacement sounds like the only permanent solution right?

I already tried looking on ebay, aliexpress etc without luck. I found one but with 10K Ohm resistor.
I think it will work but with a smaller variable range right? Did someone faced the same issues?

How could i bypass the potentiometer and make the soundsystem work always to its maximum level?

I forgot to mention something very important... the green LED doesnt light during the whole process i described