Replacement of Constant Current LED Driver with Driver which has different Output Voltage Range

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I need to replace a failed Constant Current Dimming LED Driver for a 16W LED Downlight.

The existing failed driver has the following specs:
PRI: 240-250V, 50/60 Hz, 0.11A
SEC: 700mA / 18W, 9-24V

While I can purchase LED drivers with the same PRI spec and a SEC spec of 700mA / 18W, I cannot find a driver with a similar output voltage range. I can find drivers with an output voltage range of 15-29V.

Can I use the LED driver with the output voltage range of 15-29V to replace my existing driver with the output range of 9-24V and what difference(s) can I expect between the two?

Any help on this problem would be appreciated..


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IF the specification information is correct then a 16 watt LED with a current of 700 mA must have about 23 volts across the LED (16 W / 0.7 A = 22.86 volts.) So providing the driver is designed to provide a constant 700 mA over it's voltage output range then it should work. So a 15-29 volt output 700 mA constant current driver is working near the centre of it's working range so it should work.



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You don't need to worry about the Voltage on a Constant Current source, it will automatically set long as the new psu gives out the same current. .

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Thanks LesJones and Dodgydave for your helpful advice. At least I now know that I'll be able to purchase replacement drivers for my LED lights.

Your help is much appreciated.