Remove label/sticker/grease/glue/salt deposits from glass surface.

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Hello friends.. i need suggestions on how to remove oil/grease/glue from a glass bottle surface? Please check the attached pictures.

I have tried keeping it submerged under water for 2days then tried peeling it off, used blades to scrap it off.
I also tried thinner and toilet cleaning liquids but the grease or glue doesn't go away.
At the most i am able to scrap off the label using a blade when its wet, I request for your suggestions on how to remove the greasy, oily glue from the bottle.

Currently i don't have chilly vinegar which i will try to use. Few years back, i used it to remove salt deposits on the inside of aquariums which was hard white coloured layer that formed on the transparent aquarium glass. To remove that, i needed to wet a layer of cloth with chilli vinegar and lay it on the salt deposits for 30mins or an hour, then wash the glass with water and the salt stains or salt deposits would go away. The transparent aquarium glass would shine as new. I would recommend to wash full aquarium properly to remove the smell/remains of vinegar which may be a problem for the fishes.



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My experience with such labels is that the glue will dissolve in Mineral Turpentine (Mineral Spirits, White Spirits) as used for thinning house paints.

There are many different glues in use, and each may need quite specific solvents. If Mineral Turpentine doesn't work, try a different solvent.


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I found common lighter fluid can remove most sticky substances from glass or metal. After that, I turn to Acetone (wear gloves)


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Even mineral oil will work with "gummy" residue. It will soften it to the point where it can be further dissolved with detergent (soap). Vinegar (aqueous acetic acid) is excellent for removing water spots left behind from dissolved calcium carbonate (limestone) in water as is also diluted Hydrochloric acid. They break the calcium (lime deposits) into CaOH (calcium hydroxide) if my memory serves me correctly. Which is easily removed by water.
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Gotta test first with acetone. It can remove paint and melt plastics. But it is great stuff and I keep it around along with 99% IPA for many uses. Old mechanics trick for getting the grease and grime off your hands. Grab a can of motor oil and "wash" your hands with it. Surprisingly it will remove the worst of it and Lava (pumice) soap will get what's left. This was loooong before the new stuff we use now but when you're out of the good stuff, it does the job just as well.