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Hi friends,

I am working on an IR remote controlled switch. There is only one receiver and one switch on transmitter remote. This switch is used to toggle the appliances connected at the receiver end. To avoid noise and interference I have used TSOP but it was not serving the purpose exactly (It was facing noise due to fluorescent lamp blast). So I have used HT12D/E encoder decoder IC at transmitter and receiver end to prevent the noise,now it is working perfectly. The problem is that this encoder/decoder IC is 4 channel and bit costly and I need only one encoding channel. So please suggest any cheap IC or alternatives available in the market.


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1. Before you added the HT12, were you modulating the IR beam with any frequency or signal, or just turning the LED on and off?

2. Was the fluorescent lamp noise causing your output to change when not intended, or not to change state when intended?

3. What is the full part number for the TSOP device?