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Looking for book suggestions to start my EE reference library. I'd like to get stuff from basic entry level to more advanced topics.


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Oldies but goodies...

Signetics Analog Applications Manual (late 1970's). Has very good sections on IC processing/design techniques, operational amplifiers, and the 555 timer.

National Semiconductor Linear Applications Handbook (late 1970's, early 1980's). Many circuit ideas.

HP Optoelectronics Application Manual (late 1970's). Good information on LEDs and optocouplers.

Motorola Zener Diode Databook (late 1970's). Has chapter on diode theory.

Intel 1983 Memory Components Databook. Section on IC Processing by Larry Brigham is informative.
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From my Engineering Degree:-
Contemporary Logic Design - Katz, Borriello ISBN 02-0130857-6
Electrical Engineering - Principles and Applications - Hambley ISBN 978-1-292-22312-4
Fundamentals of Logic Design - Roth, Kinney ISBN 978-0-337-62035-2